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Relax and Reconnect at Mt Rainier

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Mt. Rainier is not just for outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, snowshoers, or get-up-and-go-er’s. Mt. Rainier also has an incredibly relaxing, luxurious, peaceful side! There truly is something for everyone here, which makes vacation planning SO much easier. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re going to explore some of the awesome spa options near Mt. Rainier- but you know that you don’t need a holiday to treat yourself to a relaxing weekend, right? Good, because these guys are open year-round!

Alexander’s Country Inn is a one-stop relaxation destination. Alexander’s Spa includes Full-Body Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Neck, Back, and Shoulder, Leg and Feet, and Personalized massages. Pay a little attention to that spot you tweaked lifting the too-heavy-for-one-person-to-lift-but-you-tried-anyways object, or to that stress not you’ve been developing from work. They want you to leave happy and relaxed. They also offer other treatments,  including facials, body polish, heated stones, packages, and more- check out their brochure here. You can also turn you’re your spa appointment into a weekend getaway by booking a room, Alexander’s Country Inn has a  complimentary  full breakfast served in it’s restaurant, a hot tub overlooking their trout pond, and complimentary wine by the fireplace. Top all that off with being a mere mile from the Nisqually Entrance to Mt. Rainier!

The turn before Alexander’s is Stormking Spa. Stormking offers many different wraps, polishes, relaxing baths, and massages. Their most popular are their couples packages, check them out, possibly receive the long term benefits of each of you being taught to give a massage by a professional, I can see that coming in handy when you head back to the stress of work and life! They also have great packages just for you, everyone needs to enjoy some alone time once in a while! Remember, you aren’t restricted to packages, if you only want a massage, or a seaweed wrap- no problem! This weekend is all about you after all. Once you’ve relaxed from one of their services, you can extend the relaxation by venturing out to the hot tub or sauna by the creek, or stay the night in one of the cabins and enjoy your own private hot tub! Stormking helps you achieve true mountain bliss.

I’m about to make your life harder, because we have yet another fabulous spa choice! Wellspring Spa keeps it simple, offering massages, hot tubs, and saunas, and simple works! This is perfect for those looking for a low-key environment that helps you relax your body and your mind. Don’t forget to take a stroll through Wellspring’s property to check out their unique cabins (we’re serious about the unique part!), tranquil ponds, and perfectly placed seating areas that will help you to reconnect with you.

There are so many unique lodgings in Ashford, you’re bound to find the perfect one for you and your needs. If that perfect cabin, hotel, or lodge doesn’t happen to be Alexander’s, Stormking, or Wellspring? No problem, you can still enjoy spa treatments if you’re not staying with them! Find the combination that will make your stay relaxing and fun, grab a bottle of wine and some snow gear, and head towards the mountain!